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We all like to feel sheltered and, at the same time, enjoy the freedom that outdoor life offers us. The
Eclipse Latitude is designed to allow you to take advantage of the garden or terrace throughout
the year, day and night, enjoying evenings that are full of unique moments. With these pergolas,
you can extend and equip the new spaces of your homes or businesses. With a variety of integrated
and add-on accessories you will create an outdoor space the entire family can enjoy, secure in the
feeling of protection.

The Eclipse Latitude will change your attitude about outdoor living. Imagine having control over the
environment be it sun, wind, or rain. At the touch of a button, you can go from direct sunlight and
full airflow to an enclosed setting protecting you from the elements...and everywhere in between.
The Eclipse Latitude is constructed of high strength aluminum and powder coated in a long lasting,
durable finish. Your Latitude is built to last. The elegant European inspired lines of the Latitude will
add class and style to any backyard, patio or business.

The Eclipse Latitude is a complete, custom engineered system specifically designed to address your unique needs. The Latitude can be full free standing or can attach to a structure to provide a weatherproof environment from your house to your new outdoor living room. Options for the Latitude include lights and retractable side screens, plus other add-ons.

Designed, engineered & manufactured for each installation, the Eclipse Latitude is the ideal solution to add safe, outdoor living space to your home or commercial outdoor seating applications. Built to last with the highest quality materials and expertly installed by Strategic Designs the Eclipse Latitude is a modern day pergola that will provide protection from the elements while providing the flexibility to meet your changing needs.

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Louvered Roof- Latitude - 6p. Brochure v.3.jpg
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