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Cooley- Brite Lite is a 16-ounce, flexible, heavy-duty eradicable substrate optimal for backlit sign and awning applications.  Cooley-Brite Lite suits a wide range of graphic applications and its advanced scrim design enhances graphic effects to provide superior quality and luminescent colors.  A more resilient ink surface helps prevent fabric bruising.  This durable vinyl-coated polyester fabric is backed by a manufacturer's eight-year warranty.

Elastic but stable, Cooley-Brite Lite is a lightweight, vinyl-coated polyester fabric that features impressive translucency in any backlit canopy, awning, or sign application. The white and eradicable colored substrates are easy to handle and simple to install.

Cooley-Brite Lite awning fabric meets a wide variety of visual treatments, including pressure-sensitive graphics, screen printing, and spray painting with acrylic-based paint. Its innovative scrim design improves graphic effects to provide exceptional quality and luminescent colors. A more resilient ink surface prevents fabric bruising. The awning fabric is water repellent and heat sealable. Use for new installations as well awning fabric replacement.

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